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A beginner’s guide to how easy it is to learn Sound Healing therapy

We decided that it might be an idea to show how easy it is to train in and learn our Sound Healing Masterclass techniques

We have not seen a sound healing course online with so much content

Applying Sound Healing + Bio Energy techniques can be a powerful combination of modalities to help with many health issues.

Positive Feedback from clients is proof that Sound healing works

How do you know if Sound Healing therapy is effective for health problems? How does sound healing work? Is there any proof that it works?

Sound Healing Research on Energy Fields, Entrainment & Dowsing

Much scientific research has been carried out about the effectiveness of sound vibrations to help heal the body

The most comprehensive Sound Healing Masterclass course online

In this comprehensive sound healing course you can learn these amazing but simple techniques to help help others

How our body can interact with Tibetan Singing Bowl Sounds

Tibetan singing bowls generally have a sound very much like a bell. They come in different sizes from a few inches to 2-3 feet in diameter.

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