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All You Need to Know and Understand about Sound Healing

It is generally accepted that music is in many ways beneficial for the Body, Soul, Spirit and Mind. Amongst the many benefits reported

Sound Healing and Energy Therapy used to improve health for centuries

Sound healing is one of the oldest and most natural forms of healing dating back to the dawn of civilisation. There has been a long..

Distant Healing Using Sound Healing for Stress, Aches & Pains

I had been attending regular group sound healing workshops for a few months and had just started one to one sound healing sessions

The Essence of Sound Healing Therapy May Include Intent & Empathy

Being a good and effective sound therapist or healer is about the healer’s capacity to use sound in a compassionate and empathetic manner.

Self Healing with Music and Sound is Experiencing a New Renaissance

Using music for relaxation and self healing with sound healing instruments as a healing modality has become very popular

The Difference Between Music Therapy and Sound Healing Therapy

Music or sound healing therapy uses facets of sound to help improve health and well-being at a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level

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