Bio Energy Healing
Start Learning Oisin Bio Energy Healing Therapy Online
Once you have the knowledge and understand how to apply this energy healing therapy you can help to stimulate and activate the body’s own natural inner healing process for another person. The course is spread over 11 hours of on-demand video demonstrations. It is carefully constructed in an A, B, C, easy to learn format.

Included in this Course:

  • Video lessons: 90
  • Duration: 11 hours on demand videos
  • 6 Audio CD mp3s (including “Understanding Chakras”, “Tibetan Sound Healing” + much more)
  • 1 e -Book (“Be Your Own Therapist” by author and course facilitator Patricia Hesnan).
  • Diploma on completion (includes short exam)

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Course Overview:
  • INSTANT ACCESS - Delivered 100% online & accessible 24/7 on computer / tablet, or mobile
  • Fully instructed video lessons for working on a wide variety of physical health issues
  • Includes video lessons for working on the emotional body and the 7 main chakras
  • Includes distant healing methods that may help with many different health issues.
  • Each video lesson is instructor led with clear and practical instructions
  • Students can contact the instructor for any further queries or questions
  • Study from home or at work at your own pace in your own time
  • Download printer friendly course material or save them for viewing off line
  • Short exam based on the information you have learned during the course
  • You will be awarded a diploma in Energy Healing Therapy on completion of this course

Featured Review
I was so pleased that I completed the energy healing course. This provided all the information and knowledge I required to fully and completely understand this therapy.
Alan – Stoke, UK

Accreditation & Course Delivery:
Healing Courses Online is registered with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is internationally recognized as the leading organization in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners, therapists, and the public in general. Having completed this course, you can apply for membership of the CMA which offers a number of benefits including supplying professional accreditation. When you enroll an automated welcome email will be sent to you (please check your junk email inbox if not received). This email contains your account information for you to access your online course, which is accessible 24/7 on any device for 365 days.

What Will I Learn?

  • You can learn how to feel and sense energy in your hands and in the energy field of another person.
  • You can learn how to clear & unblock stagnant or blocked energy in the physical, emotional & mental levels of the energy field allowing the body to activate its own natural inner healing process..
  • You can learn bio-energy healing techniques for anxiety, pain, injuries, or problems related to organs, glands or joints..
  • You can learn bio-energy healing techniques for the back and spine to help relax and decrease muscular tension or spasm which may allow structural realignments to take place.
  • You can learn how to apply bio-energy therapy techniques to help clear, balance and harmonise the seven main chakras.
  • You can learn how to perform psychokinesis, the ability to move another person at a distance, by using the energy field of your two hands. Learn how this works, and why it works.
  • You can learn how unresolved and suppressed emotional problems or issues may be a factor with some physical pain or illness.
  • You can learn how to send distant healing to a person many miles away using a mannequin, a sample of hair and a photograph.

Anyone can learn to use the healing power of their hands. The aim of healing with your hands using energy is to facilitate the body’s own natural inner healing ability.

This course demonstrates various gentle hand healing techniques used to help balance the energy field of another person to help assist and facilitate the person’s body in its own natural healing process for a variety of health issues. You can also learn about chakras, and techniques that may help to decrease the intensity of emotional shock or trauma.

Course Layout Overview

Lecture Videos

  • The History of Energy Healing
  • The Principal of Energy Healing
  • How Illness May Manifest In The Body
  • How To Conduct A Therapy Session
  • How To Feel & Sense Energy
  • Combining Sound Healing Wth Bio Energy Therapy
  • Spinal Chart & Spinal Bio-Energy Flows
  • Case Study - Depression & Panic Attacks
  • Case Study - Back Pain & Panic Attacks
  • Case Study - Chest Pain & Heart Issue
  • Case Study – A Deep Fear Of Heights
  • Case Study - Anxiety, Insomnia & Pains
  • Case Study - A Musician's Fears
  • Case Study - A Past Life Experience With Bio Energy
  • Case Study - Low Self-Worth, Guilt & Shame
  • Introduction To Distant Healing

Dowsing Videos

  • Introduction to dowsing with a pendulum
  • Clearing pendulums & finding yes & no answers
  • Self dowse for food sensitivities
  • Dowse charts for food sensitivities & chakra imbalances
  • How to heal my body & heal my soul
  • How to help boost my energy
  • How to make your own pendulum
  • Dowse for geopathic stress, lost objects, water
  • Map dowsing – for geopathic stress in a house or land

Chakra Healing Videos

  • The human energy field & chakras
    This video describes the human energy field, plus a brief description of the 7 main chakras.
  • Heart chakra
  • Solar plexus
  • Throat, Third eye & Crown chakras
    These are demonstrated along with the Base, Sacral, Solar plexus and heart chakras below.
  • Sacral chakra
  • Base chakra

Chakras are the main energy points or centres located in and around the physical, emotional, mental and astral bodies. In many instances the client may have emotional issues which may be related to their physical health concern for which they are now attending for therapy. The emotions associated with any trauma or incidents are registered in the chakras, and can cause closure, imbalance or blockages in the chakra related to that emotion. Closure, blockages or imbalances in a particular chakra may in turn affect organs, glands, muscles and tissue in the physical body in the area of that particular chakra.

Energy Healing Technique Videos

For PREPARATION - we recommend that you watch ‘How to Feel and Sense Energy in your hands and with your hands - video.’
  • Technique - A (Overall balance)
  • Technique - B (Mind claming)
  • Technique - C (Peripheral flows)
  • Technique - D (Peripheral combing)
  • Technique - E (Energise)
  • Technique - F (Stimulate)
  • Technique - G (Draw-out - 1hand)
  • Technique - H (Balance)
  • Technique - I (Feet stimulation)
  • Technique - J (Feet cushioning)
  • Technique - K (Feet clearing)
  • Technique - L (Feet balancing)
  • Technique - M (Feet grounding)
  • Technique - N (Draw-out 2 hands)
  • Technique - Oi (Ear Energy Rotation)
  • Technique - Oii (Nose & Sinus Rotation)
  • Technique - P (Back Energy Boost)
  • Technique - Q (Arm Energy Boost)
  • Technique - R (Full Body Energy Boost)
  • Technique - S (Back energy flows)
  • Technique - T (Transverse energy flows)
  • Technique - U (Diagonal energy flows)
  • Technique - V (V-energy drive)
  • Technique - W (Long spinal flows)
  • Technique - X (Short spinal flows)
  • Technique - Y (Drag-out)
  • Technique - Z (Psychokinesis)

Energy Healing Application Videos

Applications are the recommended combinations of techniques which are applied for various ‘specific’ health concerns..
  • Ankle
  • Babies
  • Back & spine
  • Bladder
  • Circulatory system
  • Colon
  • Ears
  • Elbow
  • Eyes
  • Gallbladder
  • Growths & cysts
  • Head & neck
  • Heart
  • Immune system
  • Kidneys
  • Knee
  • Liver
  • Lungs
  • Mouth & jaw
  • Nose & sinus
  • Ovaries
  • Pancreas
  • Prostate gland
  • Relaxation
  • Repoductive organs
  • Shoulder
  • Skin
  • Spleen
  • Stomach
  • Throat
  • Thyroid gland
  • Wrist

Diploma in Bio Energy Healing Therapy

On completion of the Bio-Energy training courses there is short exam comprising of 10 questions. This is to allow the course tutors to monitor your progress and encourage you to take notice of important aspects of the course information. You are advised to watch all videos, paying attention to the techniques and applications, as questions will be asked regarding key points in this course. When 9 of these 10 questions have been answered correctly, you will be awarded your Diploma in Bio Energy Healing Therapy.

What is Energy Healing?
Energy Systems of the Body
How to Feel & Sense Energy
Specific Health Issues
How Illness May Manifest
Immune System
Circulatory System
Cardiovascular System
The Human Energy Field
The 7 Main Chakras
Explaining the Aura
Distant Healing
Chakra Energising
Chakra Combing
Chakra Clearing
Chakra Balancing
Emotional Issues
Mental Issues
Psychological Problems
The Spiritual Body
Other Healing Modalities
Chi, Prana, Auric Fields
How the Body Heals
Energy Healing – Laws of Physics
How to Stay Healthy
Shen, QiGong, Shiatsu
Training Instructions
Codes of Practice
Organs, Glands, Cells,
Psychokinesis Reiki
Sound Therapy,
Self Empowerment
Self Development
Harmony in Your Life
Spiritual Guidance
Therapeutic Touch, IET.

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