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Padraig - Dublin, Ireland

I’ve got the 4 course bundle and I am working my way through one course at a time. There’s a lot of videos to get through, but I’ll get through them all eventually. I Just finished the sound healing masterclass course and I’m up and running with that one now in my practice. I have found that I seem to be getting as much healing from the bowls and tuning forks,

Amelia - Brisbane, Australia

I’m very grateful to you for offering all courses together as a package. I couldn’t make up my mind if I should do the bioenergy course or the sound course and I’m thrilled now I have both and the animal and the self healing as well. I am the kind of person who puts everyone else first and I tend to neglect myself and my own health.

Salamat - Rosamie, Philipines

You are so good to make offering the bundle of your courses. I make visits to your website many times and think maybe the bio course and then maybe the self healing course, and now I have all the courses 4 that I am now learning as much as I can so I can do my practice professionally. I would very much like to write to you

Kirk - Ayr, Scotland

What an amazing bio-energy course. I couldn’t believe it when I registered and received 91 video lessons. At first I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the course, but very soon I realised that the course was laid out in such an organised and structured manner, that each video lesson was necessary and each one followed on in sequence.

Maria - New Plymouth, New Zealand

I really loved this sound healing course. I must say that at first I was apprehensive that such a practical and visual course as sound healing could be produced online. I must say you guys did an amazing job. Obviously it goes without saying that your team have a very comprehensive and in-depth knowledge not only of the complete ins and outs

Kristin - Birmingham, UK

I am so grateful to you for presenting the self healing, self help course online. I was out of work through illness and physically, emotionally and mentally I was at a very low place in my life. With so much time on my hands I searched ‘self healing’ online and found your course. This was a blessing in disguise. When I watched the self healing videos.

Grainne - Kerry, Ireland

This has been a terrific animal healing course. I have always had a love of animals and I have four dogs and 6 cats in my home at the moment. I really love my pets and live in the country many miles from the nearest town. Some months ago I was given two dogs by a neighbour...

Vinny – Okehampton, UK

Thank you all at the online learning centre for a great animal healing course. It was fascinating to watch all the healing videos on different animals. My interest in doing this course was so that I could set up my own energy animal healing practice. I just love animals...

Simon – Wales, UK

I never quite understood what self healing meant. But, I did understand what stress meant for me. It had become a normal way of life. I work as a bus driver. When my immune system went downhill I was off work constantly with aches and pains. I suffered with constant colds and flu’s almost every week.

Odin – Alice Springs, Australia

The bio energy course gave me a new lease of life. I had been unable to return to my original job following a back injury. I was experiencing a lot of aches and pains in my joints. I suspected some of the foods I was eating could be contributing to these pains...

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