The Essence of Sound Healing Therapy May Include Intent & Empathy

The Essence of Sound Healing Therapy May Include Intent & Empathy

Effective Sound Healing

Being a good and effective sound healer is all about the healer’s capacity and ability to create direct and magnify their own empathy to a client as they are using music, voice or a sound healing instrument.

Using expensive sound healing instruments is no guarantee of success during a therapy session. One small Tibetan singing bowl can be just as effectively used if the therapist is is focusing with the right intent in empathy with the client during the session and allowing the sound of the bowl to magnify, carry and focus the therapist’s empathy to the client.

Creating Empathy

The healer creates this empathy from their inner being, their inner knowing, from deep within their soul. A client can ‘sense’ and ‘feel’ this compassion and empathy being emitted from the healer even before the healer starts playing a Tibetan singing bowl, gong, crystal quartz bowl, tuning fork, chimes, voice toning or whatever instrument the healer is using.

When the healer starts playing the instrument, the healer’s feelings of empathy towards the client is magnified by the sound vibrations of the instrument, and the client feels and senses this empathy and compassion from the way the sound healing instrument is being played and from the music and sounds emitting from the instrument.

The reason this approach has the potential to work – is that the vibrational sounds of the sound healing instrument is carrying and magnifying empathy which is being created from within the healer. In this way sound healing can also help the healer as much as it helps the recipient or client.

Listen to an Emotional Performance

If you close your eyes when listening to an emotional song being sung or music being played that triggers your emotions, you cannot resist the build up and release of emotions that you can feel within your entire body. It is this build up and release of emotions that we believe stimulates the healing process from within the body. When blocked or stagnant pent-up emotions are released from within the body, the relief alone triggers and activates inner healing to take place.

The Energy Field Connection

During a Sound Healing session (which we sometimes refer to as BIOSOUNDTM) there is an energy connection between the healer and the client. This is pure energy being directed by the healer to the client and it can be sensed and it can also be felt by the recipient or client.

Once this connection is made it is essential that the sound healer continues to keep their mind focused on retaining and maintaining that compassionate empathetic flow of healing energy being directed towards the client.

Creating a Safe Healing Space for the Client

During a healing session the healer creates a ‘safe and protected’ space for the client. Within this healing space the client can feel safe in the knowledge that there is no judgement or criticism, but rather a safe place where they may be able to evaluate and understand or comprehend the possible causes or factors that may be contributing to their present health condition.

It is within this safe place that a client can feel free to allow emotional blocks that may have been a controlling factor in their life to be released and dissipated.

It is within this safe place that a client can feel free to express their feelings or to travel on a journey within themselves and allow this inner journey to take them through their past and present and possibilities for the future to help clarify and resolve any inner conflicts.

More to Sound Healing than Tapping a Bowl

There is more to sound healing than holding a Tibetan singing bowl close to a client believing that the sound from this metal bowl is in some miraculous way going to help this client with their health issue. There is more to sound healing than having a client sit or lie close to a Chinese gong as the healer taps it again and again to create their interpretation of a gong bath in the hope that it will help with this person’s health problem.

Sound Training Levels and Grades

Being an efficient and capable sound healing therapist or healer has very little to do with how many grades a person has received or how many levels they have passed in a sound healing training course.

Being a capable sound healing therapist or healer has little to do with where they have studied, who they have studied with, how much money they have paid out for their training or how many expensive sound healing instruments they have accumulated.

BIOSOUNDTM Healing Principal (Bio-Sound = Life-Sound)

The unique sound healing methods we teach at healing coursesonline include many specific techniques include the use of energy therapy and this combination we sometimes refer to as BIOSOUNDTM. From our experience the feedback received from clients following a sound healing therapy session when delivered with empathy and focused intent, greatly enhanced the client’s healing experience and outcome.

The principal of our Sound Healing methods (BIOSOUNDTM) healing is to help activate healthy cellular activity on all levels of a person’s energy field.

During a sound healing therapy session a healer / therapist / practitioner does not attempt to take another person’s illness or pain on board and attempt to fix it. Healing does not happen from the outside in. Healing occurs from the inside out. The body heals itself by virtue of its own unique inner healing process.
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Your most asked question
Is empathy the same as emotion?

No, you can feel emotional when an event or situation triggers an emotional response deep within you. Empathy on the other hand is your ability to ‘tune in’ with another person and sense the other person’s emotions, or to try and understand what another person may be experiencing. If you would like to know more about this online sound healing course click the link below.