How Energy Healing Techniques are now Used in Complementary Medicine

How Energy Healing Techniques are now Used in Complementary Medicine

The use of bio energy healing techniques has become more widespread in the last few years. More and more therapists and doctors have intodouced alternative healing methods and energetic medicine techniques into their practice for various health concerns.

What is the difference between complementary medicine / alternative healing methods, traditional and orthodox medicine?  Most people are familiar with conventional medicine, orthodox or traditional medicine as it is sometimes called such as medical practices normally associated with your local GP / doctor, hospitals, clinics or pharmacies. These orthodox medicines are practiced by GPs or physicians in general medical facilities or health care establishments.

Alternative healing or complementary medicine on the other hand includes natural medicine and practices, philosophies and healing methods deriving from a wide range and variety of different world cultures.

Many choices are available for health care and healing. When it comes to healing the body from ailments, sickness or disease some may be of the opinion that traditional / conventional medicine may be the only possible way or safe way. However now because of global education and communication, more people have become aware of the many choices available for health care and how alternative and complementary methods of healing can be used or can be integrated in conjunction with traditional or conventional medicines.

Whilst some medical professionals may strictly adhere to traditional practices, many others are now beginning to look more and more at alternative or complementary methods of healing.

A growing number of medical practitioners now apply or recommend combining traditional medicine with complementary medicine and alternative healing methods, where a combination of both modalities may prove beneficial or effective for a person with a particular health issue.

Alternative medicine is not ‘instead of’ but is another way of applying healing methods that is neither specifically orthodox or conventional. Complementary means to complement whatever treatment or medicine the person is receiving either orthodox or alternative.

Alternative healing and complementary medicine tends to look holistically at the possible cause of sickness, illness or disease and also on the overall health of body, mind and spirit, with the emphasis more on natural healing methods. Traditional or orthodox medicine at times may provide treatments for symptoms and specific needs and problems in particular areas of the body.

Slowly but surely society is also moving steadily towards embracing alternative or complementary ways of maintaining the overall health of body, mind and spirit.

Alternative or complementary medicine is now more widely accepted and is being used throughout the world. Sometimes alternative or complementary medicine may prove effective when nothing else seems to work.

Knowing is empowering

When you are knowledgeable and understand more about the possible cause of illness and disease and you have had the opportunity to look at alternative or complementary healing methods, you then have choice and can make more of an informed decision around any aspect of your own health and the health of those around you.

The aim of Bio Energy Healing is to assist the body’s own inner healing ability to heal naturally from stress, anxiety, depression, physical problems, shock or trauma. This Energy Healing Online Training Course demonstrates various gentle hand techniques which can be applied to help balance the body’s energy field and chakras.
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Your most asked question
Is bio energy invasive or painful?

No, Energy Healing is non-invasive and pain-free. Energy Healing is a gentle but powerful, effective and simple alternative healing modality which can be applied for a variety of health concerns. Some of the techniques are applied on the physical body whilst many more techniques are applied off the actual body. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.