Animal Energy Healing Online Course
Animal Energy Healing Online Course
Become a Certified Animal Energy Healing Therapist with Healing Courses Online. You have the ability to heal your pet or any animal or bird with Energy Healing Therapy. Upon completion of this course you will be fully qualified to set up your very own professional Animal Energy Healing Practice. Make health your business!

Everyone has the ability to help an animal to heal. This Energy Healing Course will teach you techniques you can apply to help your pet or any animal or bird from illness, sickness, injuries, disease, stress, shock, fears, anxiety, trauma or many other physical or emotional problems. You can learn how to help these animals to improve and maintain better health and well-being all from the comfort of your own home..
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Animal Energy Healing Course Includes

57 Video lessons
57 Video lessons
9 Hrs on-demand video
9 Hrs on-demand video
6 Bonus audio albums
6 Bonus audio albums
Compatible on all devices
Compatible on all devices

What Will I Learn?

Energy Healing Techniques

  • Learn world-class level Energy Healing skills.
  • How to use Healing Energy to heal your pet or any animal.
  • How Energy Healing can benefit all areas of your pet’s life.
  • Send distant healing to a client’s pet or animal many miles away.
  • How to start your own Animal Energy Healing practice.
  • Get full practitioners insurance and public liability
  • The history and principal of Energy Healing
  • How to feel and sense energy and understand chakras
Animal Energy Healing Therapy Online Training Course


Diploma Certificate upon Completion

Get a Professional Accreditation

Diploma Certificate - Animal Bio Energy Healing Therapy

Diploma Certificate

Add this certified Animal Healing qualification to your present practice or you can use it as a standalone therapy and start your own animal healing practice as an Animal Energy Healing Therapist. Healing Courses Online is registered with the I.I.C.T. and C.M.A. Complementary Medical Association.

Animal Energy Healing

Student Testimonials

Thank you for this animal healing course and all the wonderful energy techniques
Since I heard about animal energy healing, I now use this regularly on my two cats
What a great course. It worked like a dream on my stallion that is now less anxious


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