Congratulations on providing this most interesting online sound healing training course. I’d like to share my short story on how I first discovered your sound healing course and ended up working full time as a sound healer. My parents who were both teachers were adamant that their three children all had a good education and good careers to follow. Unfortunately their plan didn’t work out for me.

I had a serious accident at around ten years of age and missed out on school on and off for the next four years. I had home schooling with grinds in certain subjects. I was a shy quiet child before the accident and following it I became socially isolated.

I was now thirty years of age with no plans for the future. Someone suggested I join a meditation group to get me out of the house. I did this to appease my parents and continued with theses meeting for about three months. At one of the meetings a person arrived with a small Tibetan singing bowl. I was drawn to the sound like a magnet. I couldn’t get this sound out of my head.

I looked up courses on sound healing therapy and found your site and registered straight away. This was the beginning of a whole new career for me. I completed the course six months ago and received my certified diploma in sound therapy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience and it came along at an opportune moment in my life. I now hold two different group sound healing meetings each week. From these group meetings I get regular bookings for one to one sound healing therapy sessions. I know I am one of the lucky ones who can make a good living doing something I enjoy every day.

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Anne – Hollyhead, Wales

Ten out of ten for a wonderful and exciting energy healing online training course. The case studies helped me to understand better where and when to apply energy healing for different health problems and when to use bio energy chakra clearing and balancing for emotional issues.

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Diana - Newry, N.Ireland

I had finished the animal energy healing training course a month before and the lectures and therapy information about bio energy healing on a dog was still fresh in my mind.  Two weeks ago my dog Molly fell backwards onto the ground and she couldn’t move her two back legs. 

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