I’m so glad that I did the self healing online course. I am not used to doing anything like this on a computer but I got the hang of it there and then. Simply watching the training video lessons made it so easy to follow that even with one viewing I was able to start straight away with my own self-healing using the many bio energy healing techniques shown on this course..

I suffer with aches and pains in many parts of my body and so I would use bio energy or also use sound and just allowed the sound and vibrations of tuning forks and Tibetan bowls to sweep over me. I love music anyway and the bowls and sound were like pure music especially the crystal quartz bowls.

They are so delicate and fragile, I let one of them fall on the floor and it smashed into pieces so I’ll need to replace it at some stage. I’ve read all the stories in the spiritual guidance course e-book ‘Be your own therapist.’ It is so true to life and I could imagine myself in every story.

All in all it was a lovely course and it has helped me a lot for my own physical and emotional healing.  I use the Tibetan singing bowls regularly for self healing and to relax and meditate and thankfully I feel much better now.

More Testimonials

Leon – Frankfurt, Germany

Full marks for a great bio energy healing training course. It was delivered in a clear and uncomplicated layout which was very easy to follow and understand from start to finish. Every one of the sections introduced something new and even more exciting and interesting 

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Liam - Norfolk, England

I am privileged to have taken the animal energy healing course. I watched your video on bio energy healing on a horse. I wanted to learn this therapy but didn’t think I would be technically able to do an online course especially on my phone but in fact it was very easy to learn.

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