The Human Body is not Solid - it is Comprised of Vibrating Energy Fields

The Human Body is not Solid - it is Comprised of Vibrating Energy Fields

A brief introduction to the human energy field & chakras. Everything in the universe and all living organisms are comprised of vibrating energy fields. The human body as an organism generates measurable electromagnetic fields called subtle energy fields or bio-fields. Within the human energy field there are areas where this energy appears to be more focused and concentrated. These areas are referred to as chakras or vortexes.
The science of human energy fields
In his book Human Energy Fields, Dr. Colin Ross MD writes “The science of human energy fields unifies eastern and western medicine. It provides a method for studying therapeutic touch, acupuncture, kundalini yoga, and many practices in alternative medicine and traditional healing. 

The core proposition of this science is that the human energy field, called chi in Chinese medicine, and prana, in ayurvedic medicine, the human aura, life force energy, bio-fields, and the electromagnetic field of the body are one and the same thing”.

The principal of energy healing therapy is based on low level energy field interactions between the therapist and the client. Some of these concepts of energy healing techniques go back thousands of years. Try to imagine a field of energy similar to the magnetic field of energy which surrounds a magnet.

Imagine this field of energy permeating and completely encompassing your physical body above, below and all around, and connecting you with the environment, other people, and the energy fields of everything else in the universe.

Illness has its origins in the energy field
There is a belief that all illness has its origins in the energy field in and around the body. Blockages or imbalances on any level of the energy field physical, emotional or mental may inhibit the free flow of life-force energy throughout the entire body.

It is believed that the energy that is created by our emotions, our experiences, mental attitudes, thoughts and perceptions permeate via our chakras and our energy field to our cells, tissues, organs, glands and muscle and ultimately have an affect on our overall body.

We have 7 main chakras
We are known to have 7 main chakras and each chakra is related to a different set of emotions. Emotions associated with any incident, shock or traumas are believed to be registered in the chakras.

Unresolved or suppressed emotional issues may cause blockages or imbalances in the chakra related to that particular emotion and may also have an affect on cells, glands, muscles and organs corresponding with the particular chakra that is blocked closed or out of balance.

Emotions such as grief, loss, shock, trauma, guilt, shame, hurt, anger etc, are all normal, but emotions that have been suppressed or unresolved over a long period of time may be a factor in our overall health and well-being on all levels of our energy field.

These suppressed emotional issues could be the result of accidents, injuries or trauma experienced and unresolved dating back as far as early childhood or even pre-birth.

The body automatically contracts to protect itself
The body automatically contracts to protect itself from physical, emotional or mental pain and it is this contraction that may create imbalances, blockages or closure of a particular chakra.

Try this experiment for a moment.

  • Close your fist tightly and look at your knuckles. You will see that the knuckles of your hand turn almost white. This is because the blood supply and energy flow is now restricted in the area of the knuckles. 
Here is another example.
  • Sometimes the garden hose may become blocked or twisted or knotted. This will restrict the free flow of water through the hose. As soon as the knots and blocks have been removed, the water then flows freely uninterrupted.
The purpose of Bio Energy Healing Therapy is to help decrease the intensity of the blocked emotion and so allow the natural flow of energy to flow freely through all levels of the energy field; physical, emotional and mental and allow the natural ability of the body to heal itself.
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