Everyone has the Ability to Become  a Certified Therapist / Practitioner

Everyone has the Ability to Become a Certified Therapist / Practitioner

Do you want to be a therapist / practitioner / healer? Do you ever wonder if you have healing abilities? The answer is yes. Everyone has the ability to help themselves and others to heal.  You can learn many healing techniques on our Energy Healing Course and how they can be applied for many different health problems and issues. These may be physical, emotional, or mental. When completed receive your personalised Certified Diploma in Energy Healing.

This allows you to apply Energy Healing Methods to family members, friends or if you wish, you could set up a professional practice working with patients or clients as a career and create a life-time income with your own business.

There are many ways to be a healer.

You may already be acting as a healer every day of your life and not be aware of it. We have all got the ability to heal ourselves, and we also have the ability to help others such as family, friends, patients or clients to heal.

We would all like to be able to help others more. We may feel that to heal we must be doing something major like healing a major illness, discovering a new healing remedy, or helping to resolve somebody’s physical, emotional or mental problem.

We live in a world of action rather than feeling.

We live in a material based physical world of fast cars, fast living and highly advanced technology. It is a world of gadgets and quick fixes. We have gadgets which remove much needed exercise and important learnings from everyday life. We have medicines for quick fixes rather than taking the time to find the cause so as not to make demands on our time.

What about the art of conversation, or the art of listening?

  • Do we take the time to really listen or listen without hearing?
  • Do we give solutions without hearing the precise question?
  • Do we give back the power to a person to heal themselves, or do we try to take over their healing process?
  • Do we try to empower the other person so they can take care of themselves?

All you have to do is listen for a moment to another person and perhaps make a few suggestions. It is up to them whether to heed you or not. It is that simple. - Now you have become a healer.

Passing on or sharing information that may be helpful to someone is empowering him or her and is also a form of healing.

You can help someone to heal by empathising with them, by sharing some of your experiences, and how you dealt with them. Your problem may be similar to their problem.

This may allow them to feel less alone and give them the courage to seek further help if necessary. This is what we call empowering the person.

Today - Be a Healer. Do one small task to help a neighbour or a friend.
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Your most asked question
Can anyone learn to be a healer?

Yes, everyone has the ability to help themselves and others to heal by learning many simple easy to use healing techniques on our Energy Healing Course. Learn how these can be applied for many different health problems and issues; physical, emotional, or mental. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below