Learn How You can 'Tune In’ to the Body’s Natural Life-Force Energy Field

Learn How You can 'Tune In’ to the Body’s Natural Life-Force Energy Field

The therapist learns how to 'tune in' and feel and sense the energy field in and around the person's body before applying healing techniques. The basic principal of Energy Healing as a modality is to help bring the person’s body to a state of homeostasis (balance). The aim of our Energy Healing method is to help activate and stimulate healthy physiological activity to help assist and facilitate the body’s own natural inner healing ability.

This Energy Healing Course demonstrates various gentle hand techniques used to help balance the human energy field.

The principal behind energy healing

With the help of some areas of scientific research and based on the laws of physics we will try to clarify in basic terms, the principal behind energy healing. 

There are many concepts which are now accepted by the scientific community based on traditional physics and one such concept is entrainment. Entrainment is sometimes described as the synchronisation of organisms to some external rhythm, in other words two oscillating bodies can lock into phase with each other so that they vibrate in harmony.

  • Entrainment as a physics principle was first discovered in 1665 by a Dutch Physicist and Scientist named Christian Huygens, who was well known for his scientific discoveries in the field of physics.

During his research, Huygens noticed that when he placed two clocks on a wall beside each other and started swinging the pendulums on each clock, after some time they fell into rhythm with each other thus discovering entrainment – the basic law of physics.

In what way is entrainment related to energy healing?

Biologically each person’s cells have vibratory frequencies and these cellular vibrations create their own electromagnetic energy fields. It is possible to postulate that these billions of cells creating these energy fields may collectively create larger and stronger energy fields which form the energy field in and around the person’s body.

  • These low level magnetic fields referred to as the body’s energy field can now be measured and researched using specialised equipment such as SQUIDs - conducting quantum interference devices.
During an energy healing therapy session, when a practitioner applies one of the many energy healing techniques which are included in our Energy Healing Training Course, the practitioner places their hands on or above the person’s body.

  • The electromagnetic energy fields of the practitioner’s hands may ‘entrain’ with the energy field of the person’s body as these energy fields integrate and interact with each other.
With entrainment within the law of physics the stronger force has the more dominant and influential effect on the weaker force.

In a similar manner it is feasible to imagine the electromagnetic energy flow in the practitioner’s hands having the effect of influencing the other person’s electromagnetic energy field by ‘entrainment’.

The basis of energy healing is to apply certain techniques which may help activate the body’s own natural healing process, and in turn help to create a state of homeostasis in the client’s body.
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Your most asked question
Can bio energy be used during pregnancy?

Yes bio energy healing therapy can be used during pregnancy, however always consult with your healthcare practitioner before proceeding with therapy. If you would like to know more about our online healing course click the link below