Your online sound healing training course opened up a whole new world and a future career for me and I’m most grateful. I work as a recording studio engineer but recently I have had very little work due to illness. I felt my life’s purpose was incomplete and there was something else I needed to do.

I noticed a cd in a friend’s house called sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls. I asked to borrow it and when I played it there was something very moving about the sounds. I investigated this idea a little further and discovered that sound healing was being used by many people as a therapy to help heal different physical, emotional and mental health issues.

I could see the possibility of using my previous knowledge about sound, frequency and vibrations to help me take care of my health issues through the use of sound. When I researched sound healing on the internet I found your course and registered immediately. This became the start of a whole new adventure for me.

As soon as I started the course I bought Tibetan singing bowls, two large gongs, khosi bells, tuning forks, crystal quartz bowls plus other sound healing instruments that were recommended in your course. I found it very easy to follow the video lectures on learning sound healing and completed the full course in less than four weeks. I have downloaded my certified diploma in sound healing therapy and now that I am a qualified sound healing therapist I will apply for insurance and work at this as a new business venture.

I made my own vibroacoustic sound healing table and since I started to use it for my own self healing my aches and pains have greatly diminished. I have found the ideal premises to work in and will soon open up a sound healing therapy centre. The world is now my oyster, I feel my future is limited only by what I can do rather than been limited by what I can’t do.

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Susanne – Cornwall, UK

This online bio energy healing training course suited me perfectly. The way the course was presented on tutored lectures made it easy to follow. To learn I set up my laptop beside a therapy table and watched each lecture one after the other on video just copying what I saw.

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Mick - Birmingham, UK

I worked as a train driver and was overweight and suffered with worry and anxiety plus I had aches and pains throughout my body. Everyone around me seemed to have the answer to my problems except me. The best thing I did was to enroll for the self healing onlne training course.

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