How Crystal Quartz Bowls can Create Beautiful Sounds of the Spheres

How Crystal Quartz Bowls can Create Beautiful Sounds of the Spheres

Crystal quartz singing bowls have a beautiful clear and pure sound sometimes described as music of the spheres.

The sounds from these crystal bowls when used for sound healing can linger on for a considerable length of time after you have stopped playing (or rubbing) them, some of them ringing on for over two minutes or more.

Why use crystal quartz bowls as a healing instrument?

Crystal quartz singing bowls are manufactured in a unique way. They are machine manufactured by a process of centrifugal force using silica sand that is comprised of pure quartz. Some crystal bowls are clear and some have a frosted look.

Generally the frosted crystal bowls are heavier in weight. They can be quite delicate and easily damaged, so great care is required when transporting, moving, using or playing them.

Crystal quartz singing bowls tend to be more expensive to buy than Tibetan singing bowls. Crystal quartz singing bowls can be purchased pre-tuned to create different tones and frequencies and tuned to different keys.
Some crystal bowls can be up to two feet in diameter and these create a very low frequency powerful vibrations and sounds. Popular keys tend to be the keys most people associate with the 7 chakras.

These are:

  • ‘C’ for the base chakra
  • ‘D’ for the sacral chakra
  • ‘E’ for the solar plexus chakr
  • ‘F’ for the heart chakra
  • ‘G’ for the throat chakra
  • ‘A’ for the third eye chakra
  • ‘B’ for the crown chakra
Small crystal quartz singing bowls can be hand held and played using a mallet with a round rubber head. Larger and heavier crystal bowls are generally placed on the floor or on a table on a thick rubber ring and then played as normal using a wooden mallet with a rubber head, sometimes called a mallet.

Some sound healers will use multiple crystal quartz bowls of different sizes and different keys together. As one bowl is still ringing out they will fade in the sounds from one or more different bowls. This method is also demonstrated on this sound healing course.

Crystal quartz singing bowls can be used to help de-stress and relax the body using their ethereal sounding tranquil vibratory sounds.

Crystal Quartz Singing bowls can be applied during a sound healing therapy session to help reduce stress and stress related health problems. They are commonly used to help enhance overall physical, emotional and mental health and to help create a relaxed sense of peace and tranquilly. When the body is in a calm and relaxed state, this can be the ideal environment for inner natural healing to take place.

Crystal quartz bowls can also be applied to help clear and balance the chakras and the body’s energy fields to assist life-force energy to flow freely throughout the body helping to bring body, mind and spirit into balance and alignment. How to use and apply crystal quartz bowls plus other sound healing instruments is clearly demonstrated on our online certified sound healing training course.

The complete course is presented on 61 easy to understand practical video lectures. It is comparable to watching a live training workshop on a one-to-one basis in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, in your own time. When you have completed the course you will receive your certified Diploma in Sound Healing Therapy.
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Your most asked question
Why do crystal bowls sound so different?

Crystal quartz bowls are manufactured from clear quartz dust and formed into different sized bowls by centrifugal force. When they are played they create a beautiful clear, pure, continuous sound. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.