I am so thankful to you for this online self healing training course. I was out of work through illness and physically, emotionally and mentally I was at a very low place in my life. I searched for ‘self healing’ and found your course. This was a blessing in disguise. As I watched the therapy training videos I began to realise that I was in control of my own life and my own outcomes.

The more I was learning, the more I realised that I had gotten myself into a rut and that much of my present situation had been brought about by my own actions and attitudes.

As I worked my way through this online course I was inspired more and more and began to feel uplifted and self-empowered. I learned that there was so much I could do for myself. To help me with my mental and emotional problems, I could start by clearing and balancing my own chakras and my overall bio energy field.

I could see that I had the power to change, pick myself up, and set new and exciting goals for myself with so many avenues I could take. My mind began filling with possibilities for improvements in my life.

I followed many of the guidelines given in the lecture videos which really helped me to relax, focus and be in the present and reading the bonus e- book Be Your Own Therapist provided great spiritual guidance.

For me this self healing training course has transformed my life and I feel better now physically, emotionally and mentally and I am becoming stronger and healthier. Thank you so much for showing me a new way to approach my life.

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Odin – Alice Springs, Australia

This self healing online course gave me a new lease of life. I had been unable to return to my original job following a back injury. After watching all the video lectures on human bio energy fields and chakras I believe that we all have the ability to self heal our own body.

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Moya – Dublin Ireland

I have the highest praise for the team behind the online energy healing training course. It was easy to follow as I studied my way through the many video lessons. I'm delighted I took this course in bio energy healing as a therapy for aches, pains, injury and balancing chakras.

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