My mother brought me for bio energy healing when I was very young. As I grew older I always had some interest in energy healing as a therapy and attended myself on and off for bio energy healing therapy whenever I felt the need to do so. 

Now that I am a mother myself, I decided to reawaken my interest in bio energy therapy. I found this energy healing training course online and was thrilled that I could complete the entire course from the comfort of my own home where I live with my husband and three small children.

It was enlightening and informative especially the video demonstration lectures which were so easy to follow and understand. I have difficulty absorbing information that I read however when I see a practical demonstration visually in front of me I can pick it up straight away.

The psychokinesis was absolutely amazing how one person can move another person just using energy fields. I also have been making great use of the information on dowsing and use this to select foods that my clients  may have a sensitivity to, to help improve their health.

I have attended a number of live workshops and much preferred your online course. It was presented in a very similar fashion but a lot easier for me to follow. Also, I could wind back and repeat view any of the video demonstrations I wanted to review again and again, which you can’t do on a live workshop. I now run my own bio energy healing therapy practice which I thoroughly enjoy. Thank you so much for your course and great after service support.

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Anita – Quebec, Canada

I work as a full-time teacher. I have three young children. I didn’t feel I would have the time to do yet another course, especially online. My life is quite stressful, but seeing so many people around me becoming ill and stressed out, I decided to do the self healing course for myself.

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George - Wexford, Ireland

As a result of some traumas in my own life I searched online and discovered this bio energy healing training course which I have found most beneficial. I originally did the self healing course and learned how to apply bio energy healing for my own chakras and my own body.

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