I did my training in sound healing online after I purchased this therapy course. I had retired as a nurse and I loved working with people. I was at a time in my life when I didn’t know what to do next but did not want the trouble of travelling a long distance to some live training workshop or course.

My financial resources were limited. My daughter had shown me a short video on sound healing featured on an online course, and to be honest at first I didn’t quite believe or have any idea how it could possibly work to train someone in a tactile therapy like sound healing.

A couple of weeks later I decided to contact healing courses online who had produced the video, and registered for the training course. Once I got started on the course I couldn’t get enough of it. The information with the video explained how it could be used for different physical or emotional health problems and it could also be used for distant healing to a patient many miles away.

I never would have thought that the sound or vibrations alone from an instrument could produce a healing effect. I believed there had to be more to this. I viewed the demonstration video lectures and read an excellent article on your website on the importance of using empathy as a therapist as you apply the sound vibrations and I then I could totally understand this.

This made a lot more sense to me. As a nurse I felt this was also important as empathy was a familiar word for me while working with patients. My daughter gave me a present of a small Tibetan singing bowl which I used during the online course and little by little I added to and expanded my collection of sound healing instruments.

I’ve got to say that the video demonstrations and lectures were so good and precise that learning all about sound healing was a most enjoyable experience. It was simple and easy to follow from start to finish. I am enjoying working in this area of healing with the power of sound but intend to work only with family and friends and keep a low profile for the time being.

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Patrick – Bristol, England

Completing the online animal energy healing training course was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I learned about chakras, dowsing for food sensitivity and healing injuries and illness. I love working with animals and wanted to learn about natural healing methods. 

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Dermott – Dunkeid, Scotland

I have completed the online sound healing training course and I bought myself two Tibetan singing bowls. I have been learning a lot about sound healing and most importantly how I can use this for myself. I am sixty four years of age and I decided to do more to help improve my own health.

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