I treated myself to this four course bundle because it included self healing plus a course on bio energy healing. After finishing the self healing course I learned that if I am not healthy myself I cannot expect to be able to take care of someone else.

As my intention is to become certified as a therapist the training course on bio energy healing was just what I wanted. It had so many video lectures I couldn’t stop watching them one after the other and they covered everything I wanted to learn about healing with energy.

I have done some work as a therapist with crystal healing but now I can add sound healing and bio energy healing to my therapy practice. I have been dabbling with sound healing instruments for quite some time and I have a beautiful Chinese gong and a couple of Tibetan singing bowls. I had a feeling that one day I would learn how to use these properly for sound healing therapy and at last that day has come.

After studying the sound healing course I had a great understanding about the basic principles of the power of sound and how I could intentionally project the sound healing vibrations to different areas of my own body for self healing.

Being an animal lover I completed the animal energy healing course as well mainly so that I can take care of my many animals here on our farm. Love and blessings to you for these four courses.

More Testimonials

Mary Louise, New Jersey USA

It was difficult to see a sound healing course that stood out from the rest until I stumbled upon your sound healing online training course. Up to now I thought that a practical course like sound healing could not be learned online. Now I’m setting up in business as a sound healer.

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Jeremiah - Turin, Spain

I have always had an interest in sound and music and I’ve always wanted to be a sound healer. I loved every aspect of your sound healing online training course. My gut feeling has led me to where I am now a certified sound healing therapist and received my accredited diploma. 

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