Positive Feedback is the Best Validation for Sound Healing Therapy

Positive Feedback is the Best Validation for Sound Healing Therapy

How do you know if Sound Healing therapy is effective for health problems? How does sound healing work? Is there any proof that it works?

The success of most therapies be it alternative, medical or orthodox medicine is measured by monitoring and documenting information received from those who have experienced therapies or received medicines. This is really the best proof available of how or if any therapy, modality or medicine actually works.

Some of the health concerns where Sound Healing Therapy has been applied as a therapy include emotional health issues such as stress and stress-related illness, anxiety, fears and unresolved and suppressed shock and trauma.

Other health concerns where sound healing as a therapy has been applied is for a wide range of physical health issues such as back pain, joint or muscular problems, breathing difficulties, digestive problems, injuries, aches and pains, gangrene, cancers, growths, health problems related to organs and glands and many more.

Sound healing therapy has been applied to help clear and balance the body’s energy field and the seven main chakras; Base chakra, Sacral chakra, Solar plexus chakra, Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Third eye chakra, and the Crown chakra.

Sound healing therapy is also applied to help decrease the intensity of suppressed and unresolved emotional issues that may be a factor in some physical ailments, sickness or disease.
You can hear the sounds from sound healing instruments but you cannot actually see the vibrations so if you’re looking for proof, the affects are best monitored by client feedback and actual results.

The sound healing instruments used during our course include, Chinese and Moon gongs, a range of different Tibetan singing bowls, many Crystal quartz bowls, weighted and biosonic tuning forks, and voice toning.

Much research has been carried out with sophisticated measuring devices now capable of measuring energy and energy fields. One such item is the Gas Discharge Visualisation camera (GDV).

We have used GDV extensively for almost 10 years in our own Healing Clinic It has also been used at the Hippocrates centre in California. This devise is particularly useful for measuring and monitoring, the before and after effects of sound healing techniques and comparing this with client feedback. The feedback to our Sound healing Therapy has been very positive varying from subtle or slight changes to major transformational life changes.

This unique sound healing course includes Energy healing techniques which are used to help decrease the intensity of emotional issues that may be affecting the physical body, and also for clearing and balancing the seven main chakras prior to applying sound healing therapy.

We have found from our own experience that prior to a therapy session a person may present with emotional problems such as stress, or stress-related health issues, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, or may be suffering from shock or trauma. After some Energy sessions coupled with sound healing were applied, it was noted that the person was feeling less stressed, less anxious, more relaxed and better able to cope with their life situations and challenges.

This is a typical example of many of the different reactions or changes we have seen following a combination of sound and energy healing. In most circumstances we have observed noticeable improvements for physical concerns and in certain levels of sickness, illness or pain.
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Your most asked question
Is there proof that sound healing works?

The best proof of the success of sound healing is the positive feedback received from clients, by monitoring and documenting information received from those who have experienced therapy. If you would like to know more about our online sound healing course click the link below