Sound Healing Is the New Self-Care Trend For Many People

Sound Healing Is the New Self-Care Trend For Many People

What is sound healing?

In simple terms sound healing is about using sound healing instruments for therapeutic and healing purposes. The sound emitted from these sound healing instruments can be produced directly from the instruments themselves live or alternatively can be used as recorded audio and used with headphones.

What are sound healing instruments?

Many different and varied instruments can be used during a sound healing therapy session. These instruments may include Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal quartz bowls, Chinese, moon or other types of gongs, Ting-shas, Khosi bells, Tuning forks, different types of drums or bodhrans, to name just a few plus of course the use of your own voice sometimes called voice toning.

A variation of voice toning is chanting, probably the very first form of sound healing dating back thousands of years, and still in use today in many cultures.

Sound healing is basically about vibrations – sound vibrations, and is often referred to as vibrational medicine because of the manner in which these instruments are played, creating sound vibrations around either your own body or the body of another person, patient or client.

It is believed and many researchers confirm that the vibrations and frequencies created by these instruments may be used to help relax the body and to assist the healing of certain health concerns from pain and inflammation, circulatory problems, stress or anxiety.
Some sound healers or ‘sounders’ as they are sometimes called believe that it may be the soothing and relaxing effect of listening to the variation and hypnotic vibrations of the sounds that actually help the healing process.

This is based on the understanding that the human body wants to be healthy, and has a greater chance of recovery from illness when the body as a whole including tissue, muscles, bones, organs, glands and cells are stress-free and relaxed.

Research indicates that our bodies need rest and sleep to allow our systems and cells to repair and regenerate. Using sound healing as vibrational medicine may help the body’s recovery process in the awake state of consciousness by creating total relaxation throughout the body. Sound healing for self healing can also be used during meditation or exercise such as yoga, or to help calm body, mind and spirit.

There has been many studies carried out on the benefits of music and sound for healing purposes. Many papers have been written on the benefits of vibroacoustics in particular whereby sound healing vibrations are used to ‘vibrate’ a sound healing therapy table, chair or mat on which the patient or client lies or sits, whilst the vibrations of sound is transferred directly through the table, chair or mat.

Why is sound healing so popular today?

Perhaps in this fast-paced world in which we live today, our body, mind and spirit are more likely to be drawn to pleasing relaxing sounds as opposed to distortion and noise. Most people feel an immediate reaction to the relaxing affects of hearing a Tibetan singing bowl, or a Chinese gong being stuck and the amazing range of frequencies and harmonics that it produces.

Most people like music of some kind or another

We are surrounded by sound everywhere we go. Admittedly all the sounds we hear may not be pleasant and can sometimes be quite irritating. However given a choice we will generally avoid noise and opt for the pleasing sounds of nature or music to help us de-stress and create a state of calm and ease in the body as you we are bathed in a sea of pulsating sound waves and vibrations.

Sound healing and the emotional body

Sound Healing can have an effect on not only our physical bodies but on our emotional bodies as well. Healing the emotional body can in turn have a healing effect on the physical body. This is based on the understanding that the physical body responds to emotional stimuli. Imbalances in the body’s energy field and the emotional body may lead to imbalances in the physical body in turn leading to illness, disease and sickness.
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Your most asked question
Why do we refer to it as Bio-Sound healing?

Our unique modality uses a combination of two different healing techniques. Energy healing (also called bio energy healing) is used initially to help clear and balance the chakras. The sound healing method (which we call BioSound) is then applied to areas of the body for a variety of health problems. If you would like to know more about our online sound healing course click the link below.