A Modern Approach to Ancient Natural Energy Healing Practices & Methods

A Modern Approach to Ancient Natural Energy Healing Practices & Methods

For thousands of years Shamans and Healers from different cultures and continents around the world have been aware and made use of the power of energy healing and vibration for healing.

More recently with the development of advanced electronic measuring equipment, scientists have been slowly bridging the gap between science, orthodox medicine and alternative healing, complementary and energetic medicine. 

Concepts related to a vital force or subtle life energy have been central to healing within amongst others, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine at their fundamental level. These systems of healing are called by many names including qi or chi in Chinese medicine and Prana in Ayurvedic medicine.

The laying on of hands

Life force energy is referenced in the iChing book of change dating as far back as the period 1000 – 750 BC. Much has been written about the use of energy based healing methods used for many centuries in ancient Greece.

More recently energy medicine has had such titles as Reiki originating from Japan, and other energy healing modalities such as Acupuncture, Acupressure, Spiritual healing, Therapeutic touch, Bio energy healing, Qigong, Faith healing, Energetic Medicine, Energy Healing plus many more. 

Bio Energy healing appears to have similarities to present-day concepts

Many of the ancient methods of energy healing appear to have similarities to the present-day concept of applying hands on and off the body techniques to assist and influence the electromagnetic energy field, bio-field or energy field of a person or an animal requiring healing. 

Many similarities exist between the ancient understanding of life-force energy and more modern modalities which are based on the concept of life-giving energy which flows throughout the body and the belief that illness arises as a result of blockages, excesses, or irregularities in this flow of life-force energy.
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Your most asked question
Is Bio energy a new healing method?

No, variations of energy healing date back centuries. What was once called ‘laying on of hands’ is documented in the iChing book of change as far back as 1000 – 750 BC. Historical research has shown that shamans and healers from many cultures around the world have practiced energy healing methods. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below