Animals and birds have chakras and energy fields similar to humans

Animals and birds have chakras and energy fields similar to humans

A brief introduction to animal energy fields & chakras. The human body or the body of any animal, mammal or bird is comprised of more than what can be seen as their physical body.

The physical body may apparently be made up of bones, organs, glands, tissue and cells but holding all of this together at a quantum level is the life-force or energetic body which is comprised of subtle pulsating, vibrating waves and fields of pure energy.

These are called energy fields, and these subtle fields of life-force energy have been scientifically researched and documented.

Animal Energy Healing Therapy;

  • Is gentle
  • Is simple
  • Effective
  • Non-invasive and pain-free.
On our Animal Energy Healing Training Course you can learn simple techniques which can be applied to help with physical health issues. There are also techniques demonstrated in 57 practical video lessons which can be applied to help with possible emotional issues such as fears, anxiety, shock or trauma related to your pet or any animal.

These include, balancing the overall energy field of your pet, any animal or bird plus clearing and balancing the energy field of the animal’s chakras.

Science now accepts the existence of physically measurable magnetic and electromagnetic fields which have been shown to be generated by all living cells, tissues, and organs, and the animal’s body as a whole.

Everyone has the ability to become an animal healing therapist / healer. Everyone has the ability help another person to heal, or to help a pet or another animal to heal. Once you learn these easy bio-energy healing skills you can apply them to assist the natural healing process for your pet, animal, mammal or bird.

Everything in the universe is made of energy, and all living organisms have a vibrating energy field. Living cells, tissues, and organs, and the human or animal body as an organism generates measurable electromagnetic fields, called subtle energy fields or bio-fields.

The core proposition of this science is that the human energy field, called chi in Chinese medicine, and prana, in ayurvedic medicine, the human aura, life force energy, bio-fields, and the electromagnetic field of the body are one and the same thing”. It is also believed that all animals also have energy fields and chakras in areas where this energy is more focused.

The principal of Animal Energy Healing Therapy is based on low level energy field interactions between the healer / therapist and the animal, mammal or bird, and some of these concepts of energy healing techniques go back thousands of years.

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  • Anyone can learn these powerful, effective, healing methods.
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Your most asked question
Is it difficult to work on a cat?

The answer is yes. Cats tend to be very cautious independent animals. The best way to apply energy healing is to appear to stroke the animal as normal. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.