An animal’s physical and emotional body are connected via chakras

An animal’s physical and emotional body are connected via chakras

The physical body of your pet or any animal contracts to protect itself from physical or emotional pain. It is this contraction that may create blockages or closure of one or more of the animal’s chakras.

The purpose of animal energy healing therapy is to help clear these blockages and to help balance the energy fields of the pet or animal’s physical or emotional body.

Try this for a moment. Close your fist tightly and look at your knuckles. You can see that the knuckles of your hand turn almost white. This is because the blood supply and energy flow is now restricted in the area of the knuckles.
Here’s another example. Sometimes the garden hose may become blocked or twisted or knotted. This will restrict the free flow of water through the hose. As soon as the knots and blocks have been removed from the hose, the water then flows freely uninterrupted.
When the animal’s physical body contracts due to pain, stress or trauma, the contractions may cause a restriction in areas of the body’s blood supply. In turn this may then also restrict the energy supply to cells, tissue, organs, glands, muscles, limbs etc. 

This animal energy healing training online course demonstrates techniques that can be applied for the animal’s emotional body & chakras.

In addition to the contractions of the animal’s physical body, the emotional body also contracts to protect itself from any emotional shock or trauma. Your pet or any animal, mammal or bird may give every indication that it has recovered from a physical trauma or shock and give the appearances of being physically in good health and top form.

However following an accident, shock or trauma the animal may still be affected by closure, blockage or imbalance of one or more chakras due to fear, anxiety or shock.

The closure, blockage or imbalance in one or more of the animal’s chakras may in turn have an affect on the physical body in organs, glands, muscles and tissue in the area corresponding with a particular chakra.

Applying Animal Energy Healing therapy and techniques you have learned on this online training course, may be useful in helping to clear and dissipate this blocked or stagnant energy at a physical emotional and mental level thus allowing a free flow of life-giving life-force energy, and may also help to create the ideal environment for the body to begin its own natural self healing process.
Biologically each animal’s cells have vibratory frequencies and these cellular vibrations create their own electromagnetic energy fields. It is possible to postulate that these billions of cells creating these energy fields may collectively create larger and stronger energy fields which form the energy field in and around the animal’s body.

These low level magnetic fields referred to as the body’s energy field can now be measured and researched using specialised equipment such as SQUIDs - conducting quantum interference devices.

During energy healing therapy session on an animal, a practitioner applies one of the many energy healing techniques which are included in our animal energy healing training course.

The practitioner places their hands on or above the animal’s body. The electromagnetic energy fields of the practitioner’s hands may ‘entrain’ with the energy field of the animal’s body as these energy fields integrate and interact with each other.

With entrainment within the law of physics the stronger force has the more dominant and influential effect on the weaker force. In a similar manner it is feasible to imagine the electromagnetic energy flow in the practitioner’s hands having the effect of influencing the animal’s electromagnetic energy field by ‘entrainment’.

On this online animal energy healing training course you can learn how to apply certain techniques which may help activate the body’s own natural healing process, and in turn help to create a state of homeostasis in the animal’s body.
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You can learn about energy healing on any animal by watching 57 on-demand videos presented by professional tutors and therapists with almost 30 yrs experience, knowledge and expertise. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.