You are so good to make this offering of the bundle for your courses. I made many visits to your website online and I think maybe the bio energy course and then maybe the self healing course or sound healing, and not able to make up my mind.

I was able to buy the bio energy healing, sound healing and self healing course plus the animal healing course as a four course bundle online at the special reduced price. This was amazing. If I bought each course separately it was too expensive.  

My English is not so good when I write but I can speak it and I did understand perfectly everything on all your video lessons. Your teachers are good and explain everything so well. I was very pleased at buying these four courses.

I really liked the bio energy course and when I finished it the other courses were easy to learn I could understand much more about energy healing.

I enjoyed also your course about sound healing. I have many Tibetan bowls in my home. Where I live we have many animals we rescue they are all my pets and I wanted to learn how I can heal my animals. My animals they love this as well. My family and me bless you and thank you. 

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Una - Bedford, England

I suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and depression and attended for bio energy healing therapy. It changed my life by decreasing the intensity of traumatic events which had affected me emotionally. I have learned that I can accept myself and that is a massive achievement.

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Mary Louise, New Jersey USA

It was difficult to see a sound healing course that stood out from the rest until I stumbled upon your sound healing online training course. Up to now I thought that a practical course like sound healing could not be learned online. Now I’m setting up in business as a sound healer.

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